Maulin Montagne Participations (MMP) becomes

Since 1995, we are operating in ski areas. We develop and establish the best conditions for skiing by making productive and important investments which bring stability and sustainable development to our mountain ranges.

For all these reasons and because the name of MAULIN has become synonymous of a known actor of mountain settlement, MMP becomes MAULIN.SKI, profitability is on the cards

Share capital: € 1.600 000

Turnover: 29 million € (turnover increased by 3 over the past 10 years)

Number of permanent employees: 50

Number of seasonal workers: 300

Profitability: 7 to 8% (average over the last 4 years). The profitability has increased by 70% during the past 10 years. is a sustainable company

We are creating environmental observatories in order to protect and analyse the biodiversity in order to better target the development zones of the slopes.

We support “Les Cajoutiers de Warang” in Sénégal, an organisation that gives a chance to the children from Sénégal to have better life conditions thanks to school and extra-curricular activities.

The first batch has just finished the 5th year of primary school, obtaining a very good rate of attainment of the School leaving certificate and to the admission in 6th grade.

We are also going to contribute to refurnish the maternity ward of the free health centre of Boudan, Nigeria, destroyed by a criminal blaze. in the ski industry for over 20 years

  • 1995: Investment in Le Corbier and St Jean d’Arves (Maurienne – Savoie)
  • 1998: investment in St Sorlin d’Arves and St Colomban les Villards (Maurienne – Savoie).
  • 2005: creation of the holding: MAULIN MONTAGNE PARTICIPATIONS (MMP).
  • 2007 : Investment in the Dévoluy (Super Dévoluy and La Joue du Loup – Hautes Alpes).
  • 2011: Alexandre MAULIN, main shareholder and director of MMP.
  • 2012 and 2015 : renewal of the contracts Le Dévoluy and Le Corbier / St Jean d’Arves
  • 2015 : MMP becomes MAULIN.SKI