, a major player in Sybelles®

Since 1995, we have been operating the Corbier, Saint Jean d´Arves and Sorlin d´Arves ski areas – family resorts in the Sybelles ski area – the 4th linked ski area in France. We create the conditions for skiing by leveraging heavy investments that bring stability and development to mountain areas. is associated with the name of Gaston Maulin, founding father of the linked domain and of the Sybelles® brand who worked on the creation of this new tourist product located in Maurienne – Savoie (France). : more than 20 years in the mountains

1995: investment in Corbier and Saint Jean d´Arves

1998: investment in Saint Sorlin d´Arves and Saint Colomban des Villards

2003: creation of the LES SYBELLES® brand

2005: creation of the holding MAULIN MONTAGNE PARTICIPATIONS (MMP)

2007: investment in Dévoluy (Super Dévoluy and La Joue du Loup – Hautes Alpes)

2011: Alexandre MAULIN, main shareholder becomes manager of MMP

2012 and 2015: renewal of DSP Dévoluy and Corbier / St Jean d´Arves contracts

2015: MMP becomes MAULIN.SKI

2016: Investment of € 27.7 million in all ski areas
2016: La Financière de Saint Sorlin becomes SYBELLES.SKI, entity in charge of promoting the Sybelles® ski area

2017: renewal of the DSP St Sorlin d´Arves contract

2018: the MAULIN.SKI group separates from Dévoluy

2020: the MAULIN.SKI group invests in real estate and puts into service a new Gaston Express detachable chairlift in homage to Gaston Maulin, founding father of the linked area

2023: The Sybelles® will be 20 years old. in figures

Share capital: 1,600,000 €

Turnover: around 19 M €

Number of permanent employees: 40

Number of seasonal workers: 200, responsible company

In 2015, we created an environmental observatory in consultation with local stakeholders, to protect and analyze biodiversity, in order to better target ski area development areas. The ski lift operating companies are implementing actions aimed at carbon neutrality in 2037 through the Zero CO² Challenge. More informations We support “Les Cajoutiers de Warang” in Senegal, an association that gives children in Senegal a chance to have better living conditions, through school and extra-curricular activities. The first promotion has just graduated from CM2, recording a very satisfactory success rate at the CFEE (Certificate of End of Elementary Studies) and at the start of 6th. Finally, the “Les Sybelles pour futur” endowment fund, at the initiative of the MAULIN.SKI group, participates, in partnership with the NEBEDAY association, in a mangrove reforestation and environmental education program for children in Senegal.