MAULIN.SKI, the expertise before the status

Areas of expertise are clearly defined: to transport, to ski and to sell

This is an organisation that gives priority to the expertise over the status, by redefining the manager’s and expert’s roles.

Indeed, they are recognised as being the most competent ones technically regarding their specialist skills, the expert is a technical, purchasing, training, mentoring and good practices advisor. They are in a constant ‘worry’ for the improvement of the product.

The manager decides, manages, handles technical resources, and passes on information and values. He is attentive to the clients and guaranties the quality of the service that is offered.

MAULIN.SKI, the client in the centre of everything

In order to put the client in the centre of everything, the teams of MAULIN.SKI are devoted to describe the client’s process down to the least detail so that they can take actions in every step of the transport, skiing and sale.

When considering the client process, MAULIN.SKI notices that if the company is indeed one of most essential links in the chain, it is neither the unique entry point nor the exclusive point of contact with the clientele.

Putting in contact all the collaborators taking part in the client process (that is to say: elected members, tourist office, socio-professionals) is therefore a key element of the company’s project.

The final aim is to join together all the forces involved in order to provide the client a unique experience based on the friendliness and ease as well as the information, the access to offers, the bookings etc.