MAULIN.SKI, the client in the centre of everything

In order to put the client in the centre of everything, the teams of MAULIN.SKI are devoted to describe the client’s process down to the least detail so that they can take actions in every step of the transport, skiing and sale. When considering the client process, MAULIN.SKI notices that if the company is indeed one of most essential links in the chain, it is neither the unique entry point nor the exclusive point of contact with the clientele. PuttingRead more

MAULIN.SKI, the expertise before the status

Areas of expertise are clearly defined: to transport, to ski and to sell This is an organisation that gives priority to the expertise over the status, by redefining the manager’s and expert’s roles. Indeed, they are recognised as being the most competent ones technically regarding their specialist skills, the expert is a technical, purchasing, training, mentoring and good practices advisor. They are in a constant ‘worry’ for the improvement of the product. The manager decides, manages, handles technical resources, andRead more


At the foot of le Col de la Croix de Fer, become well-known by le Tour de France, a sunny mountainous hamlet, authentic and charming with a various choice of accommodation : chalets, hotels, residences, holiday cottages, holiday centres,  furnished accommodations, and the access to some beautiful free ride spots.Read more


Les Sybelles are made of 6 resorts all connected : Le Corbier, St Jean d’Arves, St Sorlin d’Arves, St Colomban des Villards, La Toussuire and Les Bottières. The first three are ran/operated by MAULIN.SKI, company that transport 836 000 skiers in 2014/2015. In Les Sybelles, MAULIN.SKI has planned 30 million € of investments by 2019, in order to develop and strengthen the infrastructures, already robust. In 2016, the area operated by the company is made: 46 ski lifts 97 ski slopes: 22 greenRead more

Sybelles for some “family skiing”

Les Sybelles, are first and foremost the reflect of immense mountains: les Aiguilles d’Arves and le Pic de Bure. Despite the postcard scenery, vast open spaces 360°. Ski lovers can enjoy some really nice spots of free ride and families can also enjoy long slopes, always accessible. Our clientele comes from as followed: 60% from France, 30% from Northern Europe and 10% from the East. The clients can enjoy various atmospheres, hustle and bustle and different activities, depending on theRead more, our means up to our ambitions

A curve of experience of 20 years. An absolute independence: no constraining financial shareholder The staff and the roles: experts in all types of trades (ski lifts, snow grooming, snow making…) The methods and tools: quality, hands-free key cards for the ski-passes, computer remote operated snow canons, GPS tool for optimizing the snow grooming, accounting/ management/ HR software. Technical partners, leaders in their markets: SKIDATA, LEITNER, PRINOTH, etc. Financial and banking partners that just ask to work along with us.Read more, the certified quality

ISO 9001 certification, for setting up a quality managing system. OHSAS 18001 certification, for setting up a health and safety managing system at work QualityCertificate ISO 9001 (French) QualityCertificate ISO (English) QualityCertificate OHSAS 18001 (French) QualityCertificate OHSAS (English)Read more